December 28, 2011

Weird/crazy medical news

1. So, you’d think that stomach acid would dissolve things like pens, especially if one’s been sitting in it for 25 years.  Or at least render it non-functional.  Not so the case for this lady:–works.html?ITO=1490

It’s also a good reminder to doctors not to dismiss what patients say, regardless of how lucrative it sounds, because strange things do happen!

2. This is an interesting story of how a woman was “saved by her son while he was in the womb” because he apparently kicked a tumor from her stomach to her appendix.  It was her first realization that something was wrong and needed to be checked out (due to the extreme pain) and she got the necessary treatment and is doing well.

I also thought it was a good demonstration of how journalists can put a particular spin/slant on a story to make it appeal to the emotions of the readers in a certain way or enhance the sensationalism (“wow, a baby saved his mom before he was even born!” vs. the depressing “a pregnant woman finds out she has cancer”).  Regardless, I’m glad they are both doing well 🙂

3.  This last one is not really weird or crazy, but it is medical/health-related!  Although we all probably already know that exercise and running is good for us, here is even more evidence to support that theory:

Apparently, running helps stimulate neurogenesis (growing of new neurons), angiogenesis (growing of new blood vessels), helps memory and decision-making centers in the brain, and helps stave off depression.  Yay, exercise!  I would imagine that a lot of it has to do with better circulation of blood flow (and therefore oxygen) in the body and the brain.  And I’ve read/heard a lot about how exercise helps depression… maybe instead of prescribing drugs for this, we should be prescribing exercise regimes (monitored, at least for the first month or so to ensure compliance)!  Hmm, food for thought.

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