May 12, 2013

Countdown to Step 1 – 17 days left

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FINALLY!  Just finished with all of Pathoma whoot whoot!  Yeah, I got a little off schedule (no surprise at this point haha) so only just finished with Pathoma and haven’t reviewed the rest of FA yet.  Mainly there was a lot of stuff that happened yesterday that derailed me, and I’m barely recovering from it.

Basically, I got pretty distracted all morning after finding out I did terribly on the final paper/project for one of my graduate school classes this semester, and we were told to contact the professor if we had any questions before she posted the final grades today.  Since that final paper (which I worked pretty long hours on at the expense of Step 1 studying) was basically most of the class grade, and I felt the feedback docked me very heavily in multiple areas for the same issue which I felt was not applicable to my paper, I, for the first time in my life, “argued” with a teacher about a grade.   It was pretty stressful… I have never received such a low grade in my life for a paper, especially not one I actually spent hours/days trying to write.  After multiple e-mail exchanges in the morning that were less than assuring, we finally arranged for a time to do an online video chat in the afternoon since I am out of town for Step 1 studying.  Thankfully, once she was able to communicate her perspective, she was very understanding, and eventually accepted my explanations.  I get the feeling she had had high expectations for me, so when it wasn’t done as she’d expected, I perhaps got marked off a bit more heavily than I would have otherwise. She may have also thought I didn’t put in as much effort as I should have.  However, after I explained my reasoning behind why I wrote it the way I did, she understood that I did try hard on the paper and was willing to accept my explanations and change the grade.  Praise the Lord! (I checked it today and she even changed it higher than I’d hoped!  Thank you!)

So that was pretty emotional, and then there was someone who got very upset at an article I had posted up on another social media site (for very different reasons than why I posted it… in fact I am still unsure why that person read so much into certain specifics when it was mostly an opinion article on a different subject… oh well).  Anyway, after trying to write responses for that back and forth for the afternoon, I was quite out of sorts and had pretty much lost all motivation to study.  So studying-wise, yesterday I think I did a neuro block in the morning but only went through about 1/4 of the answers, and tried to get finished on Pathoma for Repro but didn’t even finish the first chapter.

Clearly, the moral of the story is, when you are studying for Step 1, don’t go on e-mail or facebook or blogs or news, etc… anything that can distract you is a BAD IDEA.  Because it can quickly wipe out a day before you know it.  Hah.

Today was better – I finished the rest of that Female Repro chapter in Pathoma, as well as all the rest of Repro and Endo, which ended the rest of Pathoma.  You don’t know how proud/happy I was to finally close that tab on my windows haha.  Dr. Sattar’s seriously a great resource though – I’ve definitely done question blocks where things he said were “high yield” or that he taught conceptually showed up in the exact same way he said it would.  So props to you, Dr. Sattar!

Tomorrow I hope to do a practice test still as planned… obviously with me not having gone through all of FA, I will be missing significant parts of the test, but I think it’ll be good to get some idea of where I am now that it’s about 2 weeks out and I need to start ramping things up.  Will try to speed-read some FA tonight until I get too tired, and will update tomorrow about how the practice test goes.


May 9, 2013

Step 1 Countdown – 19 days left

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Did Pathoma for Neuro this morning, working my way through FA of Neuro and Psych and will do a question set for neuro tonight.  Here are the short-term goals I’ve come up with today… hopefully I’ll be able to keep to it, and I’ll be able to just barely make it in time. T__T  Wish me luck!

Goal tomorrow: Finish Pathoma (4.03 hrs worth of material x 1.5 (the extra time I’ll need to write down notes/repeat parts of it, if I’m lucky) = 6.05 hrs. Ugh!) That includes both Repro and Endo, with most of that being female repro/breast pathology phew.  Then if I still have strength after that, will try to finish all of repro and endo in BRS phys and FA, and if time permits, do 1 question block tomorrow.

Goal Saturday: will go over answers for all the test blocks that I haven’t finished going through answers for yet, try to finish any remaining stuff in FA, and start random question blocks. Hopefully get 2 in, but we’ll see.

Goal Sunday: Practice Test starting at 7:30am (my actual test time).  And going through answers.

Calculating including today and minus 2 days for practice tests, I have to do an average of 115 questions a day to finish the Qbank before test day. T___T  That’s almost 3 question blocks per day (which my friend had said was probably the max I’d be able to do)!  And of course I won’t be starting randoms until Saturday, so I’ll be needing to make up even more.  Oh I am so screwed… prayers for focus and getting through this over the next 19 days would be extremely appreciated!  Heh. T__T

By the way, if anyone has any questions about the resources I’ve used so far and things like how well the info correlates to what I’m seeing on Q-banks, or the usefulness of each resource, feel free to ask!

[edit: hah! I learned a new word today: blepharospasm (sustained eyelid twitch).  I’d love to be able to say that in context someday.]

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