August 4, 2011

Day 9-ish and various extracurricular/other stuff

Ack, sorry, I’ve fallen sooo behind on posting.  I already have at least 5 or so posts lined up, but with my days so full and coming back so late every day, I’ve barely been able to walk in a straight line, much less string two words together (and no, I have not been partying, although it sounds like there’s some sort of hang-out thing almost every day after school.  I don’t know how people manage it, haha – major props to them for being able to do that and still get to school on time every day).  This post isn’t going to be the most coherent, but I just wanted to do a quick/informal update since I feel I’ve been gone from this too long.  Sorry!  I promise a better one soon.

Anyway, basically, every day so far, we get to school ~8am-8:30am, and we leave around 5pm or so, with about an hour for lunch in between, on average.  It’s rather like being back in high school really, except you don’t change classrooms – more on that analogy later (it’s one of the 5 posts lined up).

We did class mission statements this morning, which was basically our class trying to come up with a mission statement that we can all agree on, and which we will read during our White Coat Ceremony.  Our class was split into 4 classrooms to do this.  Within those classrooms, we were split into 4 groups.  We were first told to each individually come up with 3 things we would want included in the statement.  These were written down on post-it-like notepad paper, then pasted onto the board under the categories they fell into (ie integrity, professionalism, dedication, service, teamwork, etc).  Then, we were given 6 stickers which we could stick on any of the notes to vote for them.  Finally, each of the 4 groups were told to come up with their own mission statements.  At the end of the class, 1 representative from each group would discuss, and they’d choose/”word smith” 1 final one to e-mail to the professor, who would then e-mail out all 4 final statements from the 4 different classrooms.  We’ll vote on them later supposedly via e-mail, to come up with the final class mission statement.  It was actually a pretty interesting exercise, and a good medium to think about these things before we actually start.  Also, I’m just happy because one of the three I wrote got a decent amount of votes, and was included in all 4 versions of our classroom’s mission statement, hehe ^.^ (it was one about supporting each other to foster a good learning environment, in case you were wondering).

Since I’ll be posting about the academic stuff for the last few days later, I’ll just briefly talk about the non-academic stuff I’m getting involved in.  So yesterday, the reason I got back so late was because I went to my old violin teacher’s place for a violin lesson – my first in at least 4-6 years! – because she was in town, possibly for the last time, and wants me to play for the orchestra conductor in the area.  Her place is in a gorgeous, woodsy area overlooking a golf course, but it’s also about an hour away, so it was pretty tiring, especially after a long day of med school.  I stayed there about 4 hours, and got back around 11pm.  Man, it was crazy to actually learn stuff for violin again, and to have to actively think and break bad habits.   I definitely have a lot to work on.

Today, I came back late because after interviewing my professor for the History of Medicine assignment (where we had to interview someone over 65 years old to see how medicine has changed over the last 50+ years), I went to check out the acapella group.  I’ve never sung in any organization before (no choir, acapella group, etc), so I had no idea what to expect.  Luckily it was all very low key, and surprisingly, one of the other MSTP’s (one of the older ones) was there as well as one of my MSTP MS-1 friends.  We don’t seem to have many members, but it was fun and good to wet my feet a little.  We’ll see how that goes.

Today was also my “socializing” day of the week, so to speak.  It was one of our classmates’ birthday, so we went over to her apartment complex to celebrate.  Apparently there’s this game they play here, which Wikipedia tells me is the “Bag Toss Game,” aka the “Tailgate Toss Beanbag Game,” which I am terribly bad at.  Basically, two boards slanted upwards with a hole cut at the far ends are placed a certain distance apart.  You stand behind one of them, and try to throw a beanbag into the other one.  3 points for making it in the hole, 1 point for landing a bag on the board, and you add points that equal the difference between the two teams to the team with more points for that round.  For example, Team A makes 5 points, Team B makes 2 points.  That means Team A is awarded 3 points for that round.  After watching me a bit, and hearing me say I had never played this before, one girl remarked “It’s obvious you’re not from around here… this is like, the typical tailgate party game.”  Too true.  Also explains the name, I suppose.  I was also able to meet some more of my classmates, which was nice.  I think I may know/met about half now?

The other thing I’ve been doing is Chinese Folk Dance on the weekends.  This is also a very small group of people, who started it just 2 years ago as a hobby. Most are elderly ladies, but it’s fun getting into it again. More on that some other time perhaps.

Goodnight, world!

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