March 17, 2015

Match Week

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My classmates with whom I entered medical school with are graduating this year.  Match Day is coming up at the end of the week, and it’s a highly charged atmosphere.  Yesterday was apparently when people found out whether they matched or not period, and my Facebook newsfeed was blown up with a ton of posts, both from med school friends here and around the country, about how happy and excited people were to have matched (though they won’t find out where they will end up until the Match Day Ceremony on Friday).  Lots of congratulatory statements and likes were passed around on Facebook – so much that a couple people posted in our private class page with memes to the effect haha.  It’s kind of a surreal feeling – that we’ve all been here for four years already, and that people who I still think of as classmates have gone through so much training already and are going to be official doctors soon.  To them, as well as to those who are unfortunate enough to be in SOAP (where one ends up in the week-long, stressful process of desperately trying to find a place to do residency at on of the remaining spots after finding out they did not match on Monday), I wish the best of luck.

In case you’d like to know a bit more about The Match, which is arguably the most important day of a medical student (even more-so than graduation day), here is one article that explains the gist of the process and how it’s become so much more competitive over the years, and if you’re interested, here’s another rather angry article about how The Match is not the best way to get into residency, from a graduating medical student last year, presumably after her own match.  It is true that the cost burden of the current system is quite high for seniors – at a recent talk, people mentioned how the average one spends on applications and the residency trail may be somewhere around $11,000, if I remember the number correctly, which is kind of on the ridiculous side.

In a way, it’s interesting that the concept of the Match is made such a big deal of over here, because that is standard practice in Asian countries (or at least for sure in Taiwan and I think China as well) all throughout every major school transition (elementary to middle school, middle school to high school, high school to college, etc), but in America, where one’s individual choices leads to the promised land, I guess this is one of the few times one feels so very out of control of one’s life and future. I understand that feeling, especially when studying for Step 1 (and in the aftermath), when it finally hit me that one test score could determine my entire future career in a way that is not really readily alterable.  It’s a scary thought.

So in light of all of that, my sincere congratulations to all of my classmates and the graduating class of 2015 that have matched!  I’m glad you will be able to become the kind of doctor that you aspire to be. 🙂

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