May 12, 2013

Countdown to Step 1 – 16 days left…?

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So…… just took my first practice test on UWorld – self assessment #1.  It’s only 4 blocks, whereas the real test is 7 blocks, but it gave me a big indication that I was in trouble, since my mind started losing focus the 2nd block already, then almost completely wandered in the 3rd block (and I was hungry), so that I would have to read questions like 3 times to figure out what I was reading.  People weren’t kidding when they said this test was like training for a marathon!  Need to do more pumping iron for my brain.

Sooo yeah… pretty bad results.  At 2 weeks out, I’m only scoring about a 201 on UWorld… that’s about 50% right, but I actually had probably only 10 questions (out of 46) per block that were not marked with a flag, indicating that I was unsure of the answer.  Pretty scary stuff.  Looking at my score report that has bars showing how consistent we were in answers and areas we need to work on, the bars are HUGE (indicating very poor consistency) and if there were any that were consistent, they were consistently low/below average.

So… am seriously considering delaying my test (a big no no in my book usually, and something kind of frowned upon at our school unless you really need it/are failing).  Ah, I feel like med school has made me into someone I don’t like being – starting to argue with grades, asking for exceptions, asking for extensions… I never did that before until this year.  So embarrassing.  Unfortunately, without delaying this test, I am almost positive that I won’t score above around 215 or so, assuming I get myself consistent in scores before then.  There’s just too much I haven’t done.  Sigh. I wonder if everyone feels this way 2 weeks before their test.  Probably not. Most of my friends had already done UWorld at least 1x and finished FA at least 1-2x by now.  Bleh

I e-mailed our program director earlier and she helped me feel a little better by letting me know other people in our program have scored low 200’s and still got into their residency of choice.  Of course, not knowing what residencies they wanted to be in and all the factors, that’s not saying much, but at least maybe I can do ok even with a lower score.  … hopefully.  Also e-mailed the school of medicine to see what their experiences were and if I can actually realistically hope to improve my score well enough in 2 weeks.

Sorry for all the downer posts lately – I’ll try to be a little more positive next time.

Status: bummed at waiting for advice from the administrators.  Also, happy Mother’s Day!

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