May 9, 2013

Step 1 Countdown – 19 days left

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Did Pathoma for Neuro this morning, working my way through FA of Neuro and Psych and will do a question set for neuro tonight.  Here are the short-term goals I’ve come up with today… hopefully I’ll be able to keep to it, and I’ll be able to just barely make it in time. T__T  Wish me luck!

Goal tomorrow: Finish Pathoma (4.03 hrs worth of material x 1.5 (the extra time I’ll need to write down notes/repeat parts of it, if I’m lucky) = 6.05 hrs. Ugh!) That includes both Repro and Endo, with most of that being female repro/breast pathology phew.  Then if I still have strength after that, will try to finish all of repro and endo in BRS phys and FA, and if time permits, do 1 question block tomorrow.

Goal Saturday: will go over answers for all the test blocks that I haven’t finished going through answers for yet, try to finish any remaining stuff in FA, and start random question blocks. Hopefully get 2 in, but we’ll see.

Goal Sunday: Practice Test starting at 7:30am (my actual test time).  And going through answers.

Calculating including today and minus 2 days for practice tests, I have to do an average of 115 questions a day to finish the Qbank before test day. T___T  That’s almost 3 question blocks per day (which my friend had said was probably the max I’d be able to do)!  And of course I won’t be starting randoms until Saturday, so I’ll be needing to make up even more.  Oh I am so screwed… prayers for focus and getting through this over the next 19 days would be extremely appreciated!  Heh. T__T

By the way, if anyone has any questions about the resources I’ve used so far and things like how well the info correlates to what I’m seeing on Q-banks, or the usefulness of each resource, feel free to ask!

[edit: hah! I learned a new word today: blepharospasm (sustained eyelid twitch).  I’d love to be able to say that in context someday.]

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