May 8, 2013

Step 1 Countdown – 1 month away

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Sigh, didn’t get nearly as much done these last two days as I’d hoped, with some personal issues that came up yesterday and distractions looking up news and following up on stories people had to suffer through today blah.  But I said I’d update so here ya go:

Yesterday: Finished going through answers on the hepatobiliary question set and read some renal physio.

Today: Finished reading renal physio and renal FA in the morning and did a problem set on Renal (67% whoo, if I can keep that percentage on random blocks, I’ll be good to go! They say 70% is a good score on the real test).  Went quickly through the answers just checking why I missed what I did instead of going through all the answer choices like I did before – saving that for tomorrow to review Renal somewhat.  Did some Pathoma on Musculoskeletal before I got distracted by news stories found on facebook during one of my breaks and there went the rest of the day researching on old/similar stories.  I think I’m going to at least finish MSK on Pathoma before I go to sleep tonight.  1 more section to do.  Wish me luck!

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