November 2, 2011

Homecoming week (and Gurney Derby)!

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It’s homecoming/spirit week for our school this week!  Most of what we’re doing is just dress-up days, but yesterday I was part of the group that helped cheer the Dean in (and her entourage) as they came to judge the med school’s spirit for Homecoming, and today, I was part of a 4-man team representing our school in the Gurney Derby!  

The Gurney Derby is a school tradition, where teams of 4 (2 girls, 2 boys) from every school (undergrad majors, graduate schools, health professional schools) within our school makes a theme for their gurney, and they dress up in costumes, decorate their gurney and passenger, and then race the gurneys down the street and back.  Rules are that one hand must be kept on the gurney at all times, the gurney must cross all the way across the line before you turn to go back, and the passenger cannot fall off the gurney.  We are also all geared up in helmets, knee, elbow, and wrist pads. 

Apparently, the school of medicine has not sent a team in for the Gurney Derby for at least the last 16 years because due to the way the scheduling works, the school of medicine always has a test for both first and second years during the week of homecoming.  The same is true this year, and yesterday we were feeling a bit apprehensive because not only do we have our first test for this module on Friday, but we also had to miss 1.5 hours of class today for it, which we have to make up somehow.  But we all decided to stick to it, and we all ended up being glad we did, because really, you’ve got to make some kind of memories in med school besides being stuck indoors studying in the Hall every day. 

This year, the Derby was run in 4 heats of 4 (16 teams total), and the four fastest times would compete in the finals.  Awards would be given for first and second place, fourth place (the “Dead Last” prize.. a misnomer, really), and for Best Passenger (aka best decorations). We were in the first heat, and man, I have never run so fast or hard in my life haha!  It is actually much harder than it looks to keep it straight and to even keep up with the rolling gurney (one hand on at all times).  Probably mostly because of my inability to keep up/keep the gurney stable, we got 2nd place in our heat.  It felt like we were pretty slow compared to the first team, so we didn’t expect to be called up for the finals, but stayed to watch all the other teams anyway.  Some of them were really fast! 

At the end of all 4 heats, they called up the names of the teams that made the finals.  First called was Team 2, the first place winner in our heat.  Next called was Team 4! Our team!! We were seriously surprised – my friend and I were shaking our heads in shock, repeating “no way… no way” over and over.  So, on we went to the finals.  A few of our classmates were able to catch the tail end of our run, which was super awesome of them because the race was a few blocks away and most people would have wanted to study, so I was really appreciative that they came.  We ended up in fourth place, so we got the “Dead Last” award, which was a hubcap in which they inscribed the title haha.  We also ended up getting the Best Passenger award! 2 prizes for the school of medicine, whoot whoot!  Not bad for a school that hasn’t competed in the derby for over 15 years 😉

Oki dokes, back to studying!


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