October 14, 2011

I’m alive!!!

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I really am, I promise!  Sorry for being gone so long – the last month has been CRAZY.  We’ve had tests up the wazoo – at least 1-2 a week, culminating this week with our 1st anatomy practical on Monday, and we just finished our first final exam today! INSANITY I tell you.  And actually, though the med students on all on fall break right now for the next week, us MSTP’s still have grad school from 8-10am every day except Friday, with our grad school final exam the following Monday, and the first Fund II module exam for med school on Wednesday the week after.  So, still a bit to go before breathing a sigh of (relative) relief, but at least we only have 2 hours of school a day for a bit, which is basically what amounts to slacker status here.

Man, I have so much to post about!  But for now, we will just have a short..ish.. “me” update:

Med-school related:

1. Academics: Since the last post about 3 weeks ago, we have taken (and passed):

  • 3rd Fund I exam
  • 1st Histology practical
  • 1st grad school exam (for the 2nd grad school course)
  • 1st Anatomy practical, and
  • 1st Final Exam for med school.

On top of which we had a History Taking Practice session, a (short) essay and a final group project due.  Is it any wonder that we often feel like we’ve been here forever?

This pretty much means I’ve passed and can continue through med school (if you get <70% on this course, you have to drop out of med school and start again next year, so I hope no one in our class failed), assuming I passed anatomy.  I hope my scores will at least qualify me for P2, but we’ll see.  P1 is very doubtful at this stage.  Honestly though, I’m just glad I got what I did on this test, because I did not have enough time to study at all with grad school and everything else going on.

2. LC rep update – check!  I did get “chosen” (by virtue of no one else besides 2 of us applying haha) to become an LC rep.  This also means that we had to choose a committee to serve on, and I have signed up for Events Committee, which does all the parties/events for the med school.  I may also be helping out with our equivalent of a yearbook/newsletter committee, but that may cause me to be in over my head, so we’ll see about that.

3. Skit night – every year, the medical school hosts a show that showcases the talents/creativity of the med school.  Audience members are people from all over the city, and I believe this year, all proceeds are going to a free clinic that we’re providing for people in the area.  It sounds really fun, and I definitely want to direct something, hopefully with dancing.  I’ve also got nebulous ideas about doing a chamber music live act, so we’ll see what I have time for.  I’m also interested in working on the Main Events Committee, as it sounds like a lot of backstage, day-of work, similar to what I did when directing a tournament in undergrad.  I may also get roped into the Video/Tech Committee, but I’m doubtful I’ll have time for both… I think I’m going to be overloaded as it is.

I am also thinking about applying to OSR today… we’ll see how that goes.

Non-med school related

1. Moving – I have finally moved out (somewhat incompletely) from my friend’s place to a condo complex much closer to school.  So close in fact, I can actually enjoy walking to school! although since we don’t really have a campus, it’s kind of sketchy to walk around at night.  I’ve also been woken up around 4:30am numerous times because I’m right on top of the trash area, so when the collector comes around, they bang around for 15 minutes or so around that time until they see fit to leave.  Not very good when I have an exam the next day… which has happened twice.  I also have absolutely no furniture, so that’s been kind of interesting.  Also been buying lots of household items from Costco – things you don’t realize are necessities until you need them because most people’s houses have them stocked already (things like toilet bowl cleaners, sponges, dishes, soap, bathroom mats, toilet paper, etc).  A good $300 has been put down already, and will definitely need to find a bed (and desk/chair) at some point.  I’m just kind of loathe to do it at the moment because it just means I have to haul even more stuff when I move to my final living space here.

2. Church has been going well, and I’ve been trying to go to more things like small groups and helping out with worship team.  There’s some things I have some reservations about, but hopefully it’ll resolve over time/through discussions.  I would like to find either a small group/fellowship or church or something that would help me grow more in Christ and learn more though… I’ve been feeling a bit stuck lately.

3.  Chinese dance has been interesting.  They’ve changed places to meet because things are under construction at the original meeting place, and they’ve changed times as well, so I haven’t been going as often as I should.  They’ve also completely revamped the Mongolian Dance, so it’s much different (and slower) now… I did get placed in the front row last week, so I guess I should be more diligent about going.

There’s probably a lot more that I’ve missed just because I am currently slightly brain-dead, but I think this is more than enough for now.  Hopefully I’ll get to make up my lack of posting by posting at least a couple times over this next week 🙂

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