September 22, 2011


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Hooolyyy shiznet.  Guess who just went over 19 hours of (non-anatomy) lecture in 10 hours?! @_________@ Quite a terrible idea.  At least my pace was much faster than yesterday, when I was struggling through anatomy lectures at a rate of 8 hours per 3 lectures.  I still have about the same amount of anatomy lecture hours left, as well as two for surgical anatomy (which I will post about as well in the near future due to it’s traumatizing effect on me…) but I think I will save them until tomorrow morning.  I definitely don’t have 8++ hours left before the test unless I don’t sleep at all, so likely, at best, I’ll have around 2-3 hours.  And this is why you should keep up regularly instead of being like me.  Gahhh. 

So is it possible to cram in med school?  Yes.  Is it a good idea?  No, unless you want to have no life and high stress levels for a couple days to a week.  So far I’ve been pretty bad about it – I tend to use the Wednesday and Thursday before the Friday test to just sit and study for 8 hours at a time or so (we get tested every 2-3 weeks in med school and 2-3 weeks in grad school at the moment).  It’s only worked so far I think because we haven’t had that much anatomy.  But from now on, there’s ALWAYS going to be anatomy.  So I’m definitely going to have to keep up more regularly.

We’ll see what the results of this next test will be…

One upside to studying at school for so long though – the school ordered pizza and soda as a “study break” for those of us who were still around for dinner.  That was really nice of them.

Alright, time to head on back.  Goodnight!


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