September 15, 2011

Incoming med student interview day…

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Today seems to have been the first day of interviews for this year’s medical school application cycle.  There were signs posted last night pointing to elevators and directing the interviewees where to go.  It’s kind of strange and nostalgic to think about how we were in their shoes a year ago (or for me, almost 2 years ago).  I see all the dressed-up hopefuls and I wonder – are they nervous? excited?  genuinely happy to be given a chance to interview?  What do they think of us, that pass by?  In their eyes, are we the stressed out shells of people we once were?  Or do we seem a tightknit group that have a good handle on things, both academically and socially?  What do they think of the school?  I certainly hope they’ve gotten the same good vibe and general friendly atmosphere of the school I did when I first came here.  Do they know what they’re signing up for?  How many truly want to be doctors for the right reasons?

Well, at any rate, congratulations to all the interviewees – you have made it this far, and hopefully you will make it in somewhere, if not here.  May your interviews be as painless as possible, and hopefully even fun.  And I hope my friends who are applying this year will be blessed enough to join you in traveling here at some point this year.  Good luck!


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