September 1, 2011

Study groups

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I have discovered that as an MSTP, it is next to impossible to study with someone who is not an MSTP.  This is because a large chunk of the material we are studying is different.  Since we have a much shorter amount of lectures we are required to cover, when trying to study with people in the med school, very likely most of what they would like to go over are things we are not responsible for.  So in effect, being part of the MSTP drives you to study with other MSTP’s who will need to know the same material in just as much depth as yourself.  Which intrinsically makes us “hang out”/spend more time with each other – as if we don’t get enough of that already.  Ah well.  It is nice to have other people to study with though – one of us used to be an English teacher in Japan for 4 years.  He is really good at teaching things in a way that is easily understandable, so I’m really glad I got a chance to study with him as he was going through his flashcards today.  Through that, I’m also glad because I realized that whatever I’m doing to study (which is basically re-writing all the lectures while looking at slides/transcripts of lectures at the moment) is working, because when we cover the stuff I have gone over, I knew them all pretty well.  It’s really slow going though… and I don’t think I’ve really “studied” like this for so many hours at a time in my life (except maybe cramming the day before the test in undergrad… which I guess I’m kinda doing right now haha…)

It’s definitely important to form study groups in med school though, regardless of who or how many people are in it.  Actually, that’s probably the case for any school you’re in.  It always helps to see different people’s perspective on what’s important, and to just review things multiple times.  Plus, they say when you teach someone something, you learn it much better (and it also exposes all the things you thought you knew, but actually didn’t!)  So I would definitely encourage people to do that – generally after you’ve already studied by yourself so you can contribute to the discussion, instead of just mooching off and being a sponge like I was for most of today. Heh.

We found out a few hours ago that our test tomorrow is going to only be 34 questions long, which we have to finish in 51 minutes (compared to our classmate’s 100+ to be finished in 2.5 hrs), and yet it is still going to be worth 15% of our grade. That means missing each question is going to factor a lot, so we have to know each lecture really well.  Bad news for someone like me, who tends to get general pictures, but doesn’t remember details very well.  Well, we’ll see.  I suppose I’ll have to skip grad school in the morning after all, so I can study.  Lots to catch up on…


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