August 30, 2011

“Me” update

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I’ve decided to create a new category called “Me” updates, which will basically be posts about things in my day-to-day life that are relevant to things going on during my stay here, but are perhaps not directly related to the med school or being an MSTP.  These will tend to be less polished/more stream-of-conscience-y, and might include stuff like: extracurricular activites, things I’ve posted about that I’ve said I’d follow up on, my thoughts, worries, etc.

So without further ado, here we go! 

Dang, workload’s really piling up.  I have a ton to catch up on.  We had our first grad school test yesterday – it was almost exactly like last year’s (they gave us a copy of last year’s exam to look at), except for one section, because apparently that lecturer didn’t lecture last year.  I totally bombed that section due to lack of studying, but apparently the other MSTP’s got it down pat, because they had gone over it in study group on Saturday.  Now I know not to miss any MSTP study group gathering in the future haha!  Oh well, hopefully the curve will be alright.

Had my first acapella performance ever on Saturday for Scholar’s Day, where the freshmen come to see what the school’s all about.  It was pretty early in the morning, so my voice was pretty scratchy in my (tiny) solo section, but it was pretty fun overall.  Apparently, it was the best performance the group has had together, so yay 🙂

I also went to worship team practice for the first time at the church I’m currently going to.  Apparently, one of their singers couldn’t make it anymore, so they asked me to fill in, and now they’ve made me permanently one of the vocalists (time allowing haha).  I gave a few tips to the team for both worship practice/performance, as well as improv, and they lapped it right up.  They are so talented – I bet they will be better than me by the end of this year (and they are only 8th-9th graders!)  It was so awesome to see them jamming away after practice. A love of music is an amazing thing 🙂

Finally, I said I’d update about honor council, and they finally sent an e-mail yesterday about who made it.  I made the cut!! 😀 Or I should say, I made the vote.  I don’t usually run for stuff, and when I did in the (very distant past), I never won anything.  So this is pretty new/exciting to me 🙂  One of my friends K also got in, but my other friend J, who I had hoped to work with (we had talked about being in it together), didn’t make it 😦 and the only guy I knew who ran also didn’t make it, so it’s kind of only a semi-sweet victory.  It’s cool that I get to serve on Honor Council though – looking forward to it!  I’ve also decided to run for LC rep after all, because I think it’s a good way to get involved in a way that is actually significant.  I’m encouraging J to run for her LC as well – so maybe we can serve together in some capacity still 🙂

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