August 26, 2011

Learning Communities

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We just had an announcement in class the other day about the learning communities I’ve mentioned we’ve started here.  Apparently this is a pretty new trend in the medical school system, and as one of the pioneering schools with this program, we’re going to be under close scrutiny of many researchers and educators who are trying to determine the success (or failure) of this restructuring of the medical school mentoring/social system.  Here are a couple abstracts/papers that have been done on this in the last few years:

Medical students’ perceptions of emerging learning communities at one medical school

Defining and Describing Medical Learning Communities: Results of a National Survey

and The rise of learning communities in medical education: A socio-structural analysis (downloadable pdf on website)

Why was this brought up?  Well, each of our 10 learning communities will be choosing 2 representatives each, who will join the 2nd year reps to “serve as a liaison between your fellow LC members and the… faculty members that have volunteered their free time to serve as mentors…” according to the e-mail.  And potentially to be point-people to talk to in case people visiting the school/researchers want to know more about the program.  That might be an interesting position to be in.  I really do believe that if you want to make an impact on society or whatever organization you are in, you cannot just sit back and provide reactionary commentary to the things happening around you.  One must be proactive, and oftentimes the only way to do so is to first become a run for/become a member of a committee such as this one, that will potentially influence decision-making in the future.

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