August 22, 2011

1st exam update

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So, as to be expected, I failed the first exam.  7/11, 64%.  Not bad though – the questions weren’t nearly as hard nor confusing as I think most of the class was expecting it to be, so that’s encouraging.  And hopefully that means when I actually do study for the next test (and our first real test that will be graded), I’ll do ok.  XP Most of my classmates seem to have done really well this test, so good job to them!

It is a little nerve-wracking though, especially on such a short test.  One wrong click and your score plummets really fast.

Today I also realized another difference between the grad school and the med school: clapping.  Med students tend to clap for the lecturer after every class, regardless of how well they do (although of course the better lecturers get longer and louder applause).  In the grad school, even if the lecturers are really good, like today’s, no one claps.  It makes me feel kind of bad for the professors, because they’re spending all this time preparing a great lecture, and their feedback is just the same as one who doesn’t know what they’re talking about. :\

Most (if not all) of the MSTP’s are skipping the med school lecture today, since we will be covering the same topic tomorrow in grad school.  I usually never skip any class I can go to, since I’ve discovered it’s basically the only way I can learn… but since the lecturer tomorrow will be the same as today, I feel I’ll be able to understand the concepts enough that I don’t have to go to double the lectures.  And I’m encouraged that we will actually learn things in the same depth (eventually) in the grad school because today, we covered a couple questions on that were on the med school test in lecture.  Whoot! 

Ok, time to try to use this break time wisely. XD

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