August 18, 2011

Quick Honor Council Update

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Just so you know I’m alive…

So I did end up deciding to run for Honor Council.  Quick and easy – sent in my statement of intent (a paragraph saying why I wanted to run and not so much on why I’m qualified heh) last Friday and was put in the running.  Actually a lot more people than I expected ran – about 8-10 people, from which our class will choose 4.  Originally, when the e-mail for the poll was sent out, we could only choose 1 person.  To me, that was really inaccurate, because if there were 4 positions and people could only pick one but had a couple others in mind, the ones that most people want might not get chosen due to vote splitting.

So I e-mailed the girl in charge, and she said that’s how she thought they did it last year, but she’d check with someone else.  I was thinking that didn’t make a lot of sense, but I just thanked her and asked her to let me know what he said.  Yesterday, she sent out an e-mail to everyone in my class saying she accidentally formatted it wrong and that she’d extend the deadline to respond.  This time, we could choose 4 places.  Yay! So I e-mailed her and thanked her.

It’s always weird when you’re running for something.  Or at least it is for me (and that’s one reason I do it so often).  You don’t want to be selfish or cocky by voting for yourself, so I usually vote for other people when I run.  But then you might lose by that vote you could have used for yourself.  I think this is the first time I’ve run for something and voted for myself haha.  But thanks to the revamped survey, I could vote for some of the others I thought were qualified too 🙂  I hope we all make it.

Today, I had two people tell me they voted for me.  I really had no idea how to respond, but to thank them awkwardly… hopefully that doesn’t make them regret their decision haha!  But yeah, that was cool – it’s interesting to finally be involved in a school organization that everyone else in my grade knows about and is voting about.

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