July 30, 2011

Night 5 – It’s Friday (Friday, time to party on Friday…)

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A brief interlude between school topics.

Tonight was the welcome back party for the med students, including students from all classes.  (So you see, med school isn’t ALL work and no play!)  We got there kind of late ~10pm because some of us went to hang out at a friend’s apartment for a couple hours before going to the party.  Not being a drinker, I opted to first go to another friend’s place (who also happens to live in the same apartments), where I helped him assemble some IKEA furniture, which was fun and productive.

The party was actually in a pretty snazzy place.  The school had rented out a lounge for the night, and as my friend said upon entering, “This is the most well-vented club I’ve ever been too.”  Haha, he was right!  We could actually feel the air conditioning.  Granted, the space was pretty large and we didn’t fill up all the area, and most people were just standing around and talking, not engaging in sweat-inducing physical activity like dancing.  But still.

It was cool seeing everyone dressed so nicely – made it feel kind of like some posh party in the movies.  But I have to say, I was pretty sad that no one was dancing  – people were arranged all over the floor, but all they were doing was chatting!  I felt pretty bad for the DJ’s too, who were trying to get everyone pepped up and no one seemed to be paying them any attention.  Eventually a couple friends moved out onto the floor with me, and we started dancing.  Probably what really hit it off is that the song “Teach Me How to Dougie” came on, and they had a couple people in a contest doing the dougie.  Ok, so it was no where near as good as the one they had during the filming of ABDC I went to, but at least it got people starting to move.  And then it got really fun.  (As an aside: I do wish the DJ was better though… it’s kind of hard to dance when a song plays for maybe 10 seconds, and just as you’re getting into it, the song changes into something with a completely different beat, or one with no real beat at all, so everyone just ends up standing there with confused looks on their faces until the next 10 seconds.  Oh well)

I’m really glad the school/students hosted this party for us.  It was a good chance to mingle/meet new people, to let loose and dance! and celebrate finishing our first week of med school.  SO glad it’s Friday (and we can sleep in tomorrow! So excited.)

More on the actual school stuff tomorrow.  Just wanted to get the message out there that med school is NOT just about studying, and that the school actually does sanction and encourage social interaction (*gasp*).



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